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 Our Mission:

Improve the physical and mental health of Park County residents


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The story of healthcare in Park County is an
ongoing saga that has often centered on
sufficient access to care for all residents of
this area.

 The timeline to the right reflects the most
recent efforts of RMRH to facilitate the
ongoing access to medical services for
Park County residents.

To contact us:

Phone: 719-836-2169
Fax: 719-836-2375
E-mail: info@rmrh.org

Dedicated to Meeting the healthcare needs
of Park County residents.

Just as we experience life changes, so has the
name, structure, mission, and focus of RMRH. 
From its conception in 1998, RMRH has strived to
provide local healthcare services to the residents
of Park County.  When the only remaining primary
care medical clinic in Park County was forced to
close in 2014, RMRH shifted its role from
providing ongoing assistance in maintaining
healthcare services to facilitating ease of access
for area residents.

*        2001 .Rocky Mountain Rural Health
          Services contracts with High Country Health
          Care to operate clinic. 

*        2003 . Dr. Katherine Fitting joins High
          Country Healthcare as fulltime physician. 

*        2004 . $190,000 grant from DOLA awarded
          to the Town of Fairplay in cooperation with
          Rocky Mountain Rural Health. 

*       2005 . Rocky Mountain Rural Health
         Services reorganizes as Rocky Mountain
         Rural Health Inc.

*       2005. RMRH begins fund-raising to build a
         “permanent home for healthcare“ in Park

*        2006 . Private donor offers to match up to
          $100,000 in community donations made to

*        2007 . Total fundraising goal of $230,000

*        2008 . Grand Opening of South Park
          Medical Group at 525 So. Hathaway in

*       2014 . South Park Medical Group closes. 

*       2014 . RMRH shifts focus to assist patients
         in locating accessible primary care services,
         insurance enrollment coordination while
         also continuing to provide mobile
         mammography and other screening services.

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